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A Workspace for Nursing and other Health Science Creatives.

Why Join Our Community?

The study of nursing  and the health sciences are merging  as we tackle pressing social issues that are affecting future professionals. It's important to be able to go to a space to grab the tools you might need to bridge gaps in eduction.


We believe in a multidiscipline and multicultural workspace  that empowers an already attained working knowledge in the nursing and health sciences.  So we created it.


Join us onsite or online.



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Our Focus Content

Whether you are a novice or expert, continual learning is key to progress and success.

We focus on three specific areas of scholarship to empower the future of nursing education.  


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Creative Workshops, Meets & Greets, Coffee

NCLEX Science

12 Week Private Courses

Nursing Science is the foundation of nursing and the key to mastering

the NCLEX. Our courses focus on the science of nursing, giving our students the longevity they need for exam nd professional success.


Talithia Victoria, RN

Passed After 5 times

I flew in from the Virgin Islands, because my Aunt, who lived in Virginia was told about Mrs. Hampton. I had been out of nursing school 5 years and taken it 5 times, and this course delivered in so many ways."

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Delia Storer,RN

Passed After 7 times

I can't explain what Mrs. Hampton means to me.  I was at one of my lowest points in my life, and she was a guide to help build me up.  After 7 years and 5 attempts, I passed.

FNBN 1-21-11-349a.jpg

Aillen Tell, RN

Passed After 10 times

I will let you figure it out.  I was out of nursing school, 10 years and had taken the NCLEX 12 times.  The 13th time was a success because of this course.

Feature Course

Are You Ready To Prep

For The NCLEX?

3-Day Bootcamp

Instructor, Denetra Hampton

Join us for the fall session of our most popular course, 3-Day NCLEX Bootcamp. The course is taught by Denetra Hampton, a 15-year veteran of NCLEX  preparation and creative director of the program.


You don't want to miss this!  

Nursing Science

Everything we do is fundamentally dipped in nursing science, from our exams to our cinematic lessons.

Self-Paced & Diverse Curated

Our lessons give the student a designed timeline to capture carefully curated lessons in health and nursing.


We have built selected lessons around cinematics and the arts. Creating an atmosphere of thinking and research.

Artistic Library

Our library is filled with notecards, downloadables, scavenger hunts and more.  All designed to build nursing science and add to your own library.

When we study, we learn.

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