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Enjoy studying and learning from our collections---from the fundamentals of nursing to the historical intersections of health equity.

See our most explored content listed below.

Nursing & Health Science. Selections vary from the fundamentals of nursing to the science of clinical practice.

Designed to help students build capacity in their current curriculums of nursing and health science. From testing to digital simulation.

Nursing & Health Science

Curated Resources. A digital collection of public and political research, doctrines, congressional acts and laws.

Access our thought-provoking collection of practices, protocols and laws that affect nursing, healthcare, public health and health equity. Students gain research prowess from our amassed collection.

Research & Resources

Hampton Digital Lecture Series. A collection of audio lectures on nursing, health, science, math and community health.

Our digital lecture series was developed to give students a relevant and informed view of the lived experience in honor of our founder, Denetra Hampton who credits her experiences and conversations for her success.

 Lectures speak to the challenges and hardships currently facing

the development of the nursing professional.

Lecture Series

Study & Learn. Notebook fillable nuggets that are commonly used to refresh and empower the already attained working knowledge of the nurse & health scholar.

Students can download our study and learn infographics. A quick way to review hard to understand topics and practices. 

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