Inequality in nursing education

The bad news is that the demands and pressures on our profession are growing. The good news is that innovators and educators are looking toward solutions.

Recognizing Our Education Challenges in Nursing

Inequality is by far one of the most pressing issues in nursing education. There is a growing concern that the historical patterns of educational achievement and experiences have prevented students of color from excelling in the profession as a whole.

“There will continue to be racial inequalities in nursing education as long as the process, policy and procedures are created by bias, and structural racism.

We have been taught that education can be a great equalizer, allowing even the poorest student who studies hard to enter any academic institution of choice and receive the same level of access. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

Inequality In Nursing Education

The covid-19 pandemic has caused increasing challenges for healthcare professionals around the globe. And a dearth of information about these challenges continue to surface, causing nursing leadership to respond in areas they are not used to, in particular the gaps in nursing education.

From enrollment declines to the nursing shortage, quality and equitable nursing education is the key to the future of nursing. Our focus is nursing science and helping bridge the gaps. We believe that the more confident students are the more they are inclined to stay in the profession. Our workspace is designed to build that confidence.


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