Being mindful at work

Embrace change. The core definition of embracing change refers to cultivating an attitude of accepting change as a positive development and integrating it in your life without fear.

The Bridges Transition Model teaches that change will only be successful if leaders and organizations address the transition that people experience during change. Supporting people through transition, is essential if the change is to be long-term. This is key to capitalizing on opportunities for innovation and creating organizational resilience.

“The essence of life takes place in the neutral zone phase of transition. It is in that interim spaciousness that all possibilities, creativity and innovative ideas can come to life and flourish.”

Susan Bridges

Management of Transition

The reality is that dramatic change is uncomfortable. The leader’s role in change is not to make people feel happy about the change: it’s helping them succeed through the transition of change. The success is in the adjustments that they make for the long-term.

When we apply the latest in nursing, and data science to drive healthy professional behaviors, facilitate meaningful conversations, and accelerate organizational change, it creates a culture towards a more agile, and equipped workforce.

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