A movement practice to connect with your soul

We are excited about our mindful movement for nurses. We believe taking on a conscious effort to be mindful of our personal and professional development is key to longterm success.

The Art of Mindfulness. Embrace Change.

“When we embrace change, we don't see them as obstacles, but as opportunities.

Over our careers we acquire a vast amount of working knowledge. But despite this knowledge, one of the most difficult things human beings learn during their life is how to embrace change.

Developing A Growth Mindset

In the words of Maya Angelou , “If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.”

In today’s climate businesses and organizations have to be able to adapt quickly to recruit, retain and survive. Industry changes, competitive maneuvers and technological advances all demand quick shifts in procedures, processes, changes in personnel, restructuring or mergers.

But to make these changes work, employees have to be adaptable. Unfortunately, change can make people nervous, and retreat firmly in their old ways. This in turn prevents growth and can create a mindset of anger, fear and resistance.

How we approach challenges is called our mindset. And in order to grow, you must believe that you can and be willing to adapt to what is required mentally, to do so. So, one of the most impactful ways to develop a growth mindset is to lose a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset can negatively impact your personal and professional development, leaving you stuck.

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