5 Best study habits

Most students are facing a lot of unknowns and disruptions. Lost interaction, engagement and instruction times have placed a mental and physical toll on student. How a student is able to bounce back from these challenges times will depend on their prior study and learn habits.

Mastering lost content requires developing positive and consistent study habits. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when learning how to effectively study. Studying methods should be tailored to each student. However, developing sound habits can help each student find what's best for them to reach their goals.

“Disruptions in learning are particularly pronounced in the areas of science and math. The pandemic has forced the equity gap to widen even further." FNBN

5 study habits

Organization is Key. Decide what you will focus on for the study session and stick to it. This is the very best way to organize your thoughts and master content.

Set aside at least two hours of dedicated study time, not included thirty minutes of prep time. Time is your most important concept in studying. Be specific and intentional. This is one tip that has to just be done.

Designate an area designed for your train of thought. Find an area that fits your personality. Studying can play tricks on the mind, but when you are fit personally for the area you tend to want to stay in the area longer.

Be consistent. Studying is a process and requires consistency. Consistency is what creates the results.


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