Nursing Science & Art

Our approach is artistic, scientific and cinematic. We believe empowering the art of nursing is an integral part of building the science of the profession all through a  lens of scientific story-telling.

Integrating Art into Our Science

The definition of nursing science has been as elusive as the depth of the skies. But as the  challenges of our world have forced us to own who we are and what we do on national and global stages, it is necessary to not only be able to define it, but operate as a whole through that definition.  Here's what we know for sure. Nursing is a science. Nursing is an Art.

In addition, the profession of nursing is facing unprecedented challenges in recruitment, retention, diversity and inclusion. Yet, no matter what is going on around us, we must be intentional about our own mental health.  So, we created a space to encourage and initiate calmness, reset and wellness through a digital mindfulness workspace.  A workspace that can be used alone or while you are studying with us.

Let's Go!

Brain Sketch
NMedina-FNBN04-edit02 (1) 2_edited.jpg
NMedina-FNBN04-edit02 (1) 2_edited.jpg
"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi