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Nursing is a science. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing Exam is the exam that all students must pass to practice as a professional nurse.

Our NCLEX 12-Week Study Course is specifically for those who can't pass

this exam and have been out of nursing school for a number of year.

 With extensive focus on nursing science, the course hones in

on the NCLEX Test Plan. 

Contact us for more information.

Ailleen Tell, RN

NCLEX 12-Week Study Course

I will let you figure it out.  I was out of nursing school, 10 years and had taken the NCLEX 12 times.  The 13th time was a success because of this course.

Delia Storer, RN

NCLEX 12-Week Study Course

I can't explain what Mrs. Hampton means to me.  I was at one of my lowest points in my life, and she was a guide to help build me up.  After 7 years and 5 attempts, I passed.

Talithia Victoria, RN

NCLEX 12-Week Study Course

I flew in from the Virgin Islands, because my Aunt, who lived in Virginia was told about Mrs. Hampton. I had been out of nursing school 5 years and took the NCLEX 5 times. This course delivered in so many ways."

Patrick Legados RN

NCLEX 12-Week Study Course

" I was told about the NCLEX 12-week Study Course by a colleague at work. It was a life-saver literally. I had given up on nursing and this course gave me a new lease on life."

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